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Rumour has it, they might be wizards (Ever Metal)… 

Since December 2017, Matik (frontman and drummer) and Eskay (guitars) have gifted the rock and metal scene with a fresh and unconventional approach with their sound and aesthetic.  


Altered Myths have channeled the intensity and aggression of metal into stripped back / raw songs that never lose sight of the joy of riff and a singalong chorus. This was distilled in the in 2018 EP: ‘Believe.’  


With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Arctic Monkeys and Hell is for Heroes to Royal Blood, their sound has been described as a ‘bass heavy peanut butter thick sound that demands attention’ - Shred Shed. 


The duo have created visual curiosity with on stage projections, Eskay’s permanently masked face, Matik’s barrier-breaking drum battles (both in the crowd and standing on the kit) and a sense of daring and fun that’s seldom found with riffs this heavy. 


2019 saw Matik receive an endorsement from Collision drum sticks; the release of their latest single: ‘Dog’ which premiered on BBC Introducing Oxford live session. They also warped the minds of the masses with breakout sets at Apocalypticus (Road to Ruin), Rabidfest and Mortal Metal Festival. They have shared the stage with Conan, Red Method and Confessions of a Traitor, to name a few. 

Altered Myths have used the time in lockdown to refine and record material for the next two EPs.  

Matik has gained more endorsements including 'Tonum Cymbals', 'DrumHead merchandise' and 'Hellth Club fitness ware'  Eskay remains undefinable as he battles the confusion of everybody else in the world wearing a mask. 


Picking up where they left off, they returned to live music at The Gryphon’s Livestream Fest in July 2021. This will be followed with sets at Oxford Tattoo Convention (August 14th), The Green Rooms (11th September)

and Swansea Fringe Festival (23rd October). 


A ‘sighting’ of Altered Myths performing in the wild will make you bang your head, laugh, scream with strangers and wish you never stopped listening to riffs. 


They must be seen to be believed.  


FFO: Black Sabbath, QOTSA, RHCP, Royal Blood 

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