Rumour has it, they might be wizards (Ever Metal)… 


Along with guitarist Eskay, frontman and drummer Matik have created visual curiosity and this unique approach has allowed this duo to push boundaries and perceptions with both their sound and performance. 

Formed in December 2017, Altered Myths have actively created engaging content and music which in 2018 led to the release of their debut EP: ‘Believe’. Following this, their latest single: ‘Dog’ released earlier this year, will feature on their up and coming EP: ‘Lie’ which is due for release in early 2020.


With an eclectic range of influences from Led Zeppelin to Daft Punk, their sound has been described as a ‘bass heavy peanut butter thick sound that demands attention’ - Shred Shed.


Altered Myths have gifted the metal scene with a fresh and unconventional approach to both their sound and aesthetic and whilst waiting for their highly anticipated 2nd EP: ‘Lie’ - Valleys Metal suggests “you find out where they’re playing next and attend”.


2019 has been a positive year for this dynamic duo with Matik receiving an endorsement from Collision drum sticks; the release of their latest single: ‘Dog’ which premiered on BBC Introducing Oxford and the opportunity to warp the minds of the masses at Apocalypticus (Road to Ruin), Rabidfest and Mortal Metal Festival. They have shared the stage with Conan, Red Method and Confessions of a Traitor, to name a few. 


Altered Myths performance will make you laugh, lie and bang your head and to really capture their essence, they must be seen to be believed.